3 Clever YouTube Video Promotional Strategies

In order to get more views, you don’t need to promote your videos harder. Rather, you need to promote your videos smarter.

Here are three clever ways to promote your YouTube videos.

1. Stay active in the YouTube community.

Vlogger Joey Graceffa is extremely active in the YouTube community. He uploads daily videos and frequently collaborates with his vlogger friends. He’s been a main staple on other channels, such as Miranda Sings and Luke Conrad. He travels to YouTube conventions such as VidCon, and he runs plenty of giveaways for his beloved subscribers.

Staying active in the YouTube community will get your channel’s name in front of more potential viewers. Comment on other videos. Connect with other content creators. Get out there and meet your fans, or interact with them more online.

2. Learn the subtle art of SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is the best way to get your videos to appear in search engine results. It’s all about the strategic placement of important keywords. Best of all, you can learn it right on YouTube, with videos such as the one below.

3. Create playlists for binge watching.

Because Lisa Schwartz divides her daily videos into different series, she organized them all into separate playlists. That way, new viewers can easily find more of the same content they enjoy.

Creating playlists is a quick and easy way to encourage new and old viewers alike to binge watch your videos.

Promoting your videos is easy once you learn a few quick tricks. Start with these to start getting more views.

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