What To Include In Your Video’s Call-To-Action

The call-to-action lets your viewers know what they should do after watching one of your videos. Many vloggers come up with a catchy call-to-action they repeat in every video, while others say something unique each time. No matter how you do it, every effective call-to-action boils down to the same key factors.

Here’s what you should include in every video’s call-to-action.

1. Remind new viewers to subscribe.

Oftentimes, viewers hop from video to video based on the recommendations that pop up on the side of the screen. Therefore, if a viewer is new to your channel, he or she may not think to hit subscribe unless you remind them to.

James Charles ends his videos by reminding new viewers to subscribe and “join the sisterhood,” which is what he calls his community of fans.

2. Set a like goal.

Likes help boost a video’s rankings in YouTube’s search algorithm. More popular videos also appear more often as suggested videos, so getting a lot of likes on your videos will help you reach more viewers as well. Many vloggers set like goals in their videos by challenging their viewers to get a video to a certain number of likes.

Sometimes, when her subscribers beat a like challenge, Natalie’s Outlet sets an even higher one in the next video.

3. Include any relevant announcements.

If you’re running a giveaway, releasing new merch, or performing live somewhere, now is the time to let your viewers know! Include any relevant announcements in your call-to-action and point your viewers towards related links in your video description.

While Daniel Howell and Phil Lester have been on tour, they’ve continued posting new videos to their shared gaming channel. The call-to-action points viewers towards tickets for the show date closest to each video’s upload date.

4. Don’t forget to say goodbye!

Finally, end your video by telling your viewers goodbye. To viewers, watching a YouTube video can feel like hanging out with a good friend. Even though you’re not speaking to them face-to-face, saying goodbye will help them feel closer to you, fostering a sense of community around your channel.

Cristine from Simply Nailogical ends each video by saying, “See y’all later, bye!”

Every good call-to-action includes a reminder to subscribe, a like goal, any relevant announcements, and a farewell to your viewers.

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