5 Basic Things Every Vlogger Should Know About Audio

Your viewers aren’t just viewers. They’re listeners, too. The way a video sounds impacts the way the audience reacts, so it’s important that you learn how to improve the audio for your YouTube videos.

Here are five basic things every vlogger should know about audio.

1. Audio quality is just as important as video quality.

On YouTube, audio quality is equally as important as video quality. No matter how amazing your video looks in 4K, not many people will watch it if the audio is full of static. Therefore, making sure your video sounds as great as it looks will help you keep your viewers watching.

This video breaks down the importance of good audio quality.

2. Your camera’s mic isn’t going to cut it.

Most cameras have a microphone built in. However, this microphone isn’t meant to replace quality audio equipment. Rather, you should record audio separately with an external mic. Then, use your camera’s audio as a scratch track to help you sync the audio and video properly when you edit.

A good microphone doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Check out the video below for a few affordable suggestions.

3. Lavalier mics are a better option if you move around a lot on camera.

If you’re constantly moving around on camera, then a typical external mic may have trouble picking up your voice. The finished product won’t be as good as it would’ve been if you stayed seated in front of the mic the whole time. However, rather than making yourself stay still, use a lavalier mic, which can be pinned under your clothes.

As a baker, Rosanna Pansino is constantly moving around her kitchen. She uses a lavalier mic to ensure that her viewers don’t miss a single step.

4. Design your video background to minimize noise.

In order to make sure your external mic captures only the sound of your voice, you should work to minimize background noise. You can so do by designing your video background with big furniture, throw pillows, and other things that absorb sound.

Niki and Gabi film a lot of their videos on a bed covered with throw pillows, which looks great and minimizes background noise.

5. Consider how your viewers may react to loud sound effects.

When you’re editing, you may decide to enhance your video with sound effects. However, when adding these effects, carefully consider how your viewers may react. Those who watch with headphones will be especially sensitive to loud, unexpected sound effects.

In this video, Tristan Paredes used a knocking sound in the opening skit. However, if you scroll down to the comments, you can see that the unexpected sound effect caught viewers so off guard that many of them thought it was coming from their own doors.

Good audio quality is a sign of a great YouTube video. Use an external mic, design your video background to minimize noise, and consider how your viewers may react to sound effects.

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