How To Maximize Your Views By Dominating The Next YouTube Trend

Every video trend has a few key creators associated with it. For example, it’s hard to watch a slime video without thinking of Karina Garcia. Even if those creators didn’t come up with these trends themselves, they’re certainly creating the most popular videos in the genre. You, too, can grow your channel by staying on top of video trends.

Here’s how to maximize your views by dominating the next YouTube trend.

1. Hop on the bandwagon early.

Whenever you see a major creator make a video with the potential to start a new trend, make sure you’re among the first to recreate his or her video. Don’t hesitate to set up your camera and emulate what another vlogger has done. Just be sure to give credit by telling your viewers where the video idea came from.

After Jenna Marbles tried following one of his makeup tutorials, James Charles quickly responded by recreating one of hers.

2. Make your videos longer than ten minutes.

Both the YouTube ranking algorithm and the viewers themselves respond well to longer videos. A fifteen-minute video will be more in-depth and therefore more entertaining than a five-minute video. Aim for ten minutes or more with your trend-related videos.

Maqaroon got more than six million views on this twenty-three-minute slime video.

3. Go big or go home.

Finally, get to the top of a video trend by taking it further than any other creators have gone. Think outside the box when it comes to making videos that stand out from a sea of similar content. The bigger you go, the better.

Jenna Marbles took the one hundred layers challenge to new heights with her “Ultimate 100 Coats of Things” video.

Video trends help creators of every size boost their views. Maximize your view count by dominating the next YouTube video trend.

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