How to Boost Attendance With Craigslist

Craigslist might not be an obvious option to musicians looking to promote shows and music but the website actually has plenty of promotional potential. The kind of people searching Craigslist are dedicated to attending events, meeting people, and picking up on new music and are thus particularly rewarding promotional targets.

There are two types of people to target on Craigslist:

1) The first is looking for upcoming gigs of all kinds – from local indie artists all the way to nationally-touring bands. To attract these people update the “musicians” and “events” spaces under the “community” section with your band’s latest happenings.

2) You’ll find second type of craigslist lurker waiting in the “free stuff” section. If you have a free show coming up or you’re giving out free CD’s post a picture in this section. These fans are serious about thrift and will come to your shows which means more warm bodies and hungry earholes at your next show.

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