How to Manage your Merchandise

Merchandise is more important than ever. People aren’t buying albums anymore, they’re finding all kinds of ways to get music for free. Where’s that money going then? To merchandise and tickets sales, of course. This is why it’s more important than ever that groups have a wide variety of merchandise available to as many people as possible. 

Here’s where Dizzyjam comes in. It’s an online service dedicated to making merchandise sales profitable for up-and-coming groups. You simply sign up on the website, upload your graphics, design your clothing, let fans buy merch through the website, and then they said you the profit in the mail. This saves you from the mess of dealing with printing and shipping merchandise so you can focus more on making music and money, and less on dealing with merchandise distribution.

If you decide Dizzyjam isn’t for you, it remains vital that you create shirts, sweaters, hats and other clothing to sell at merchandise stands after your shows. Because people are now paying less money to hear music, they’re more willing to spend on other stuff such as clothing. So make sure to have flashy, creative merchandise for your fans – they will buy it and they will wear it, which means free promotion for you.

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