The Top Five Most Popular Types of YouTube Videos

If you’re interested in creating a YouTube channel and aren’t really sure what type of videos to make, the following five most popular types of videos on YouTube can help you brainstorm. In fact, you’ve probably watched all five types of these videos before.

1. Comedy Skits

One of the most common ways to go viral is to be funny. Many of the “original” YouTubers such NigaHiga, Shane Dawson, and SMOSH have been uploading comedy/skit videos since the very beginning of YouTube.

Ryan Higa’s “How To Be Ninja” blew up on YouTube and garnered millions of views at a time when YouTube was just beginning to rise among the public. Viewers found the video hilarious and shared it with their friends.

The most relatable and easily understandable content is funny content. Today, many top YouTubers upload funny skits, and these are the videos that tend to have the most views. These videos can range from scripted skits to unscripted ramblings in a sit-down vlog style.

2. Vlogs

Video blogs cover everything from the YouTuber’s everyday adventures to virtual face-to-face talks. Many people enjoy watching vlogs because they are casual, usually unscripted, and show the YouTuber’s real personality.

In daily activity vlogs, such as Casey Neistat’s, viewers can enjoy the scenery and bustling activity captured aesthetically on camera. In sit-down vlogs, viewers have the opportunity to listen to what a vlogger has to say about a particular topic.

3. Product Reviews

People do not like to purchase products or services without knowing anything about them. Nowadays, many people rely on YouTube for information regarding these things, whether YouTubers are reviewing new skincare products, makeup products, apps, or video games.

A good skincare product review, for example should include an unboxing, first-time use, and result. A good video game review should include an unboxing as well, first-time play, and spoken review of the game at the end. Product review videos will also likely garner many views, as viewers will search up product names on YouTube and come across these videos.

4. How-To Videos

Just as Google is many people’s go-to when they are in doubt, how-to videos on YouTube are just as dependable for most. The best thing about watching how to do something as opposed to reading about it is that you can really see the whole process.

Videos make it easier for people to follow along for themselves. Nowadays, people tend to watch videos to learn to do things.

5. Gaming Videos

As society becomes more tech-focused, video games have become more central to everyday lives. So, channels with the most subscribers on YouTube tend to be gaming channels, as seen with PewDiePie’s 46.7 million subscribers.

The great thing about gaming videos is that people will often watch different YouTubers playing the same video games because they all have different reactions and hilarious commentary. Gaming videos are made up of roughly two parts: the game itself and the commentary. So, as long as the commentary is funny and entertaining, viewers will come back and subscribe. In fact, even non-gamers may find these videos entertaining.

The following video is a compilation video (also the most viewed video of his channel) of PewDiePie’s funniest moments.

These five types of videos are fairly general and straightforward. Comedy skits, vlogs, product reviews, how-to videos, and gaming videos are the five most popular types of videos on YouTube, and you can definitely start off your channel by making these videos.

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