Networking Tips for Musicians

You should always be prepared to introduce yourself and your music no matter where you are. You should also be proactive when it comes to promoting yourself as a musician.

The following three networking tips for musicians will help you take those first few steps.

1. Create a business card.

As a general networking tip, you should always have personal business cards handy. You may just run into someone who shows interest in your services and can help you out. Your business cards don’t necessarily have to be fancy and expensive; you can easily find free templates online and print them out by the dozen on thicker paper.

Make sure you have your full name or band name in large font and include your email and cell phone number somewhere on the card. You can also put your genre of music, your interests, and an agency, if applicable. Also, don’t forget to include all of your social media links.

2. Attend local concerts often and meet people.

Especially at small local concerts, you’ll definitely run into people who are similar to yourself. Meeting fellow rising solo artists and bands is a great way to expand your network. You can strike up a conversation with these fellow musicians and even stay in contact to collaborate in the future.

You may also run into agents and scouts at these events if you’re lucky, and you can introduce yourself and keep in touch with the person (business cards should be in your hand at this stage!).

3. Play at community events.

This was explained in detail in a previous post. Remember that volunteering your time to play at a local event will help you reach a wider audience because plenty of people attend local events. There’s even the chance that people will upload videos of you online, and you might even be mentioned in the local news.

Local Bay Area band Finish Ticket was virtually unknown before the Radio Alice 97.3 concert in the park. Locals gathered to enjoy food, spend time with friends, and watch well-known artists such as Sara Bareilles and Ed Sheeran. However, Finish Ticket played in the beginning and ended up appealing to many of the attendees.

While social media and YouTube can help you promote your music digitally, you really have to be proactive about meeting people if you want to further spread your name. So, get out there and network!

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