Top 5 SEO Keywords for YouTube Videos

Search Engine Optimization is the key to unlocking maximum YouTube hits. Adding keywords that users are already searching for will boost your video to the top of the page. Here are five words that you should include in your next video title, description, or tags to maximize SEO.

1. Content Category

One of the most important SEO keywords is exactly what you are. Making use of this term will alert search engines that you are more than “cover video” or “makeup tutorial.”

For example, Bryson Andres’ violin cover of “Secrets” by One Republic is extremely easy to find because it is titled “AMAZING Street musician! (Epic Violinist Music Video) HD.”

2. Original or Response

“New song” or “reply ” isn’t adequate when it comes to your videos. Be as specific as possible in order to draw more viewers.

If you’re releasing a response video to a challenge from another YouTuber, then title your video something like “Makeup Artists Take The Oreo Challenge (Response To Grav3yardgirl’s Oreo Challenge Videol)” rather than “New Vid- It’s here!!”

Or, if you’re releasing a new song of your own, then be sure to specify that it’s original rather than a cover. Connie Talbot’s “Original Song – Fly From Your Nest – Connie Talbot” is named in such a way that searching “original song” brings it right up.

3. Specific Type of Content

Many YouTube users will search for specific rather than broad categories. They are more likely to search “easy winged eyeliner” than “makeup tutorial.” By including your genre in the tags or video description, you will bring your video to the top of their search results.

For example, a search for “easy winged eyeliner” brings Dulce Candy to the top of the page.

4. Components

If not by category, then many YouTube users will be searching for new content by components. They may search by instrument, ingredient, or product. Perhaps they are aspiring musicians themselves. Perhaps they are just fond of the Irish bouzouki.

Nevertheless, the components you use make your music unique. Viewers will come for the instrument and stay for your music.

For example, searching “Irish bouzouki” brings this unique YouTuber to the forefront.

5. Country

Users who are fans of a content creator from a certain country will likely be searching for ones who are similar. By identifying where you’re from, you will likely bring in both international and patriotic viewers.

For example, searching for a British singer/songwriter brings UK artist Mark Pierce to the first results page.

YouTube users are most likely to watch videos that appear on the first search results page. By utilizing these keywords, you will maximize your SEO potential.

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