3 Ways to Keep Your YouTube Fans Wanting More

No matter what you post on Youtube, it all comes down to who views it. Some people just focus on the traffic, but what will keep your fans coming back? The best way to keep your Youtube fans wanting more is to think of your fans as friends. You need to open up to you fans and make them feel like they know you personally. Check out this list of three ways to keep you fans coming back for more.

1. Be Yourself

The best way to keep your Youtube fans wanting more is to be yourself. The online community is generally pretty accepting, so don’t be afraid to let loose. Think of your fans as friends and engage them by opening up and telling stories about your life. Be yourself and don’t worry about the haters because, chances are, you have 10 times as many more fans. Jenna Marbles is always herself, and doesn’t care too much about what the haters think (she has over 16 million subscribers to worry about.) Here’s a video of her reading mean comments, and she still never lost her winning sense of humor.

2. Quality over Quantity

Traffic means nothing if it cannot be retained. First impressions are everything, and gaining loyal fans means producing good quality material. Three good quality videos always trump 15 okay-quality ones. Invest in a good camera make sure your sound quality is on point… even for those laid back videos. Keep fans wanting more by building suspense and becoming a bit of a perfectionist. Check out the intro and image quality of this makeup tutorial from AndreasChoice! The time she invested in this video truly paid off.

3. Stay Humble

Nobody likes anyone who is too full of themselves. Show your fans that you are humble by showing your gratitude for their support. For every milestone that is hit in subscribers, a video should be made to thank whoever helped along the way. Recently, the “MostAmazingTop10” YouTube channel reached one million subscribers in just one year and three months. They made sure they had a special thank you video, with fan videos, giveaways, Q-and-A, and much more!

If you want to keep fans coming back for more, then show some personality, tell some stories, and remember that without fans there is no future! Get out there and let loose because your fans are your friends. Use Promolta to get more authentic traffic to your page, and use your charm to keep them coming back!

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Shauna Respass is a writer in every way, whether it be music, poetry, articles, think-pieces, or screenplays. She also enjoys listening to music, reading, discussing viewpoints on various topics, and spending time with her dogs, bunnies, and snakes.

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