7 Unique Intruments To Add To Your Next Track

Have you ever heard the complaint that all popular music sounds the same? Are you afraid that your sound might be too commonplace? Try one of these seven unique instruments on your next track and see how it stands out!

1. Bouzouki

Similar to a mandolin or a banjo, this long-necked instrument is played in Greece and Ireland. It’s ideal for folk music.

Take a listen to this traditional instrument here.

2. Cajon

This Peruvian drum is growing in popularity in young churches. The player sits atop the plywood box and slaps the sides of it for a percussive beat. This drum would add a distinct, gentle beat to a singer/songwriter track.

Watch this cajon player show off the many different ways the cajon can be played.

3. Hammered Dulcimer

This is both a percussive and stringed instrument. Strings are stretched over a sounding board and then lightly hit with small mallets. Various types are played all over the world. The hammered dulcimer’s universal sound echoes simplified rhythms that could fit into a dubstep track.

Get a taste for the hammered dulcimer by watching the video below.

4. Hand Chimes

Hand chimes are played by a percussive choir. A sturdier alternative to hand bells, these chimes will add an ethereal ring to your vocal-centric performance.

Listen to a choir perform “Amazing Grace” using only hand chimes.

5. Singing Ringing Tree

This wind-powered sculpture sings beautifully from its hilltop in England. Consider constructing a similar piece of artwork for a video and then recording a song with the results.

Listen to the video below to hear the original Singing Ringing Tree in action.

6. Hydraulophone

This unique instrument is like an organ run on water. It is played by pressing fingers over the water channels. This instrument has potential for jazz, R and B, or even pop.

Watch the inventor Steve Mann play his hydraulophone here.

7. Didgeridoo

This indigenous Australian wind instrument produces loud, low tones. It is still used widely around the world today. The didgeridoo could add a new level of beats to your next hip hop release.

This didgeridoo duet is like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

No matter how amazing you may think any of these instruments would sound on your new song, you probably won’t be able to learn to play one overnight. Use your local network to connect with a nearby player. If you can’t find a player locally, connect with a musician on YouTube and ask for a collaboration. These seven instruments will make sure that your music sounds like nothing else.

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Kristen Harris enjoys listening to a wide range of music, from Taylor Swift to, on occasion, Celtic instrumental. She also spends her time writing, reading, and baking.

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