Top 3 Things You Need For YouTube Success

With more than one billion unique monthly viewers, YouTube has quickly become a highly competitive media platform. However, no matter what kind of content you produce, success is well within reach.

Here are the top three things that it takes to succeed on YouTube.

1. Have a plan.

Unlike your high school history tests, you can’t wing it when it comes to making YouTube videos. A successful YouTuber always has a plan of action, no matter how loose of a plan that may be.

Determine the main focus of your channel. Make sure that your topic broad enough to allow for experimentation, such as beauty, vlogging, or music. Then, write out a list of ideas for videos or series that fit within this focus.

With more than 300,000 subscribers, lifestyle channel Raw Alignment is quite successful. By focusing on healthy living videos, content creator Alyse Brautigam produces popular videos about raw vegan eating, fitness, and lifestyle choices.

2. Keep your uploads consistent.

Imagine if your favorite television show was only broadcast when the producers felt like releasing a new episode. Surely you would lose interest after weeks or months of not knowing when to expect a new episode.

Uploading YouTube videos consistently is just as important to viewers as the dependability of their favorite TV shows. To keep your viewers interested, let them know your uploading schedule and stick to it. To keep your viewers coming back, don’t let them down.

Rosanna Pansino built up popularity for her cooking series Nerdy Nummies by uploading a new video every Tuesday.

3. Never stop promoting.

Not everyone on the Internet searches for content directly on YouTube. However, by promoting your videos on other social media, you can reach new audiences who may not have found your channel otherwise.

Tweet, post, link, blog, and snap every new video that you post! Be sure to remind your followers in the days leading up to your next video and let them know what to expect.

Check out this video for tips on how to promote your YouTube videos!

No matter how many other content creators there may be on YouTube, you can grow your channel into a popular and successful project. As long as you make a plan, keep your uploads consistent, and never stop promoting, then you will be well on your way to success.

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