How to Kickstart a Gaming Channel

Many of the most subscribed-to YouTube channels are gaming channels. YouTubers such as KSI, Pewdiepie, and Markiplier generate millions of viewers who love watching them play video games, and many other smaller YouTubers who do the same are also growing in popularity.

Here are five ideas of what content to upload as a gaming YouTuber.

1. Play popular, widely-known games.

Viewers tend to search gaming content on YouTube by looking up titles of games, particularly trending games. Games such as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and FIFA. generate millions of views because they are widely-known.

People are most familiar with these games, and they have probably played these themselves, so they like to watch others play, hoping to learn a few tricks. Gamers generally like to watch people play popular games and particularly love the hilarious and relatable commentary throughout the video.

FIFA YouTuber KSI constantly uploads FIFA pack openings, catering specifically to those who also play the game.

2. Review newly released games.

Just like how makeup enthusiasts love to watch makeup gurus review newly released products to get a better idea of what to expect, gamers like to watch other gamers review newly released video games. These videos give viewers a brief look into the game and how it’s played, and, like other gaming videos, they offer hilariously entertaining commentary.

Gamer Markiplier filmed himself playing Five Nights At Freddy’s after its release, and viewers got a kick out of both the game itself and his reaction.

3. Play roleplay games.

Playing games, especially roleplay video games, takes real mental and physical effort. Sometimes people love to simply watch someone play in the first person, because it is both entertaining and takes the viewer no effort at all. In fact, these videos are a lot like movies, and viewers can even learn a few tricks for their own attempts later on.

The biggest gaming YouTuber, Pewdiepie, uploads plenty of roleplay games, videos ranging from three minutes to two hours. Here, he is playing Call of Duty, and the viewers experience the game as he does in first person.

4. Play simulation games.

Simulation games are good games to play once in awhile on a gaming channel because they reach a wider audience. Whereas FIFA and Call of Duty videos require a basic knowledge of the video game to watch, simulation games such as Sims do not require any background video game knowledge. Sims videos attract both gamers and general YouTube viewers alike, so these videos also gain lots of attention. Many people also find these games very entertaining and simple to follow.

Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil created a joint gaming channel, DanandPhilGames, and they have weekly Sims uploads. The great thing about their series is that they have a Sims playlist on their channel that chronicles the life of their character Dil from his move-in day to his proposal.

5. Play with others.

Live commentary plays a huge role in the entertaining aspect of video game uploads. While solo commentary can be funny and entertaining, banter among a few more gamers can be even more fun to watch. Multiplayer games with multiplayer commentary will create a much more lively, fun, and entertaining atmosphere in video.

SMOSHGames has many series of gaming videos, all of which are multiplayer. In the following video, five members of SMOSHGames play Grand Theft Auto together and exchange hilarious commentary and banter.

Gaming channels have become a large part of YouTube. There are many types of gaming videos you can upload to kickstart your gaming channel. Uploading videos of the above types will certainly help you get into the swing of gaming channels.

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