3 Tips For A Killer Performance

Live performances might be the most amazing part of being a musician or a fan. The best feeling in the world can come from a crowd of people going crazy for your music. On the flipside, one of the worst feelings is when you notice that people are bored at your shows. Here are 3 tips to make sure your performances are waking up the crowds.

Be Punctual

If you are part of a festival lineup – then this should go without saying. Everyone depends on each other’s punctuality. Other bands will not be to happy if you play into their allotted time. The audience also won’t appreciate that you come out late, when there are other bands they’re trying to see.

If you’re playing a concert where you’re the only act, being on time keeps your audience happy. Most people arrive early to a concert to ensure the best possible spot. It won’t be fair to your fans when they have to wait an extra 30 minutes to see you perform. Remember, you are not doing them a favor by playing for them – they are doing you a favor by listening. Act accordingly.

Bring Extra Equipment

The most rookie mistake you can make during a live show is assuming everything will be fine. Live shows involve a lot of preparation – handling, transportation, setting up, etc. Something can always go wrong. Extra cables, strings, drum skins,  amps, and many other things often break. Therefore, it is crucial that you have replacements for your equipment. Prove you’re not an amateur by prepping beforehand.

Minimize Feedback

Controlled feedback can sound great. However, when it’s accidental it looks unprofessional. Not only do you seem unprepared, but it also annoys the audience. To avoid feedback, it’s crucial to perform a thorough sound check and figure out which frequencies cause problems.

Live shows are supposed to be an amazing experience for both you and your audience. Give your fans an unforgettable experience by implementing these 3 tips at your next performance.

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Bernardo Ruiz is an amateur photographer, curious traveler and passionate drummer who loves live music. He spends most of his time just trying to enjoy life.

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