How Beyoncé’s Album Broke The iTunes Sales Record

Minutes before midnight on December 13, 2013, Beyoncé released her fifth album on iTunes. By Friday afternoon, it was the top-selling album in 82 countries. By Sunday, sales reached more than 400,000! Beyoncé’s self titled album – Beyoncé –  just broke the iTunes sales record. So what was it that made this particular album so notable? Below are the three qualities that made her album a huge success.

The Album Had More Than Just Great Music

Beyoncé’s previous albums consisted of only one thing – great quality music. For her fifth album,  her team decided to take a more visual approach. 17 video teasers – all of which were shot on four different continents – accompanied her 14 song album. Her artistic films explored the themes of love, youth, pride, sex, and even family. This strategy made the album’s purchase more valuable to listeners worldwide. Music isn’t all about the “song” – a strong visual can bring an album to life.

The Album’s Release Was Unconventional

The fact that she dropped her album unannounced made fans crave her new release even more! For $15.99, Beyoncé  broke the U.S iTunes Store record for the largest sales week of any album. The element of surprise – plus her refreshing new style – made her release that much more desirable. Promoting an album isn’t all black and white. Fans appreciate a surprise here and there!

The Album Was Relatable

Beyonce delved into the dark and uplifting emotions surrounding motherhood, envy, and insecurity through her songs  Pretty Hurts, Blue, and Jealous. Nowadays, many hit songs employ a prideful or misogynistic attitude that’s less human than people really are.  Beyoncé cuts through that facade with insightful subject matter. You don’t always have to sing about a glamourous lifestyle. Despite the fact that Beyonce is a celebrity, she wasn’t afraid to sing about vulnerability. Talking about issues that the average listener can relate to will make for a stronger album.

If one looks closely, these three main ingredients made Beyoncé an incredible hit! You too can make it happen – just keep creativity, spontaneity, and an engaging attitude in mind.

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