Tips For Musicians On Touring Overseas

If you’re not finding any luck in the local market, try traveling overseas. Lots of artists have found success in the U.K and Europe. Touring worldwide can be an amazing experience – if you know what you’re doing. Below are 4 tips to keep in mind.

Start With The Small Cities: Yes, the same idea applies across the country. Start with the small cities. Google your genre along with what type of venue you’re trying to play e.g. “alternative rock, Salamanca Spain, bars”. If you find another local artist in that city, try to team up for a show. Familiarize yourself with the music scene by connecting with local musicians.

Have Your Documents Ready: Certain countries require all types of permits and documents in order for foreigners to play/work. Make sure you contact club owners and travel agencies to gather the proper documentation.

Promote In Person: Social media might not be the best way to promote if you’re unfamiliar to the country. Instead, try handing out flyers or talking to local coffee shops. Get yourself out there! Demonstrate how your music would be a great addition to their business. Sell the uniqueness of your band.

Do Your Research: Spontaneity can be pricey. Don’t waste money on gross hostels or shady hotels. Rental services like airbnb offer travelers plenty of affordable options when they’re on the go. Research places that are close to your venue, or near places you’d like to sight see. Save some money by doing your research beforehand!

Get the best of both worlds with a foreign touring schedule.

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