How Musicians Can Benefit From Making Vine Videos

If you’re looking for a quick and casual way to post videos, make a test run with the Vine app. This fun program lets you film continuously, or cut to a new area, all within six-seconds.

Why is this helpful for musicians? Amateur users have made some of the most entertaining and viral videos to date with this app. When posted on Facebook, these quick films garner millions of views. Vine videos can be a great way to promote your band and really put your creative skills to the test. Start making videos with the app’s newest features (turn on the video’s sound by clicking on the bottom right speaker icon).

By turning on or off the “Snap to Beat” function, users can strategically time songs and sounds to coincide with certain parts of their videos. Use your musicality to create beat-centric videos.


Users can instantly see a video’s music track information by clicking the music note button located on the right of their screens.  


Vine’s most exciting new feature is the ability to let you insert sounds from your phone’s very own library. Users can hear six high quality seconds of your song while watching your latest adventure.

Download the app and start experimenting right away. Give your followers some fun content while they wait for your next single.

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Kathy Nguyen is a digital artist, aspiring entertainment professional, and lover of live music. You can find her tweeting her playlists, youtube-ing documentaries, and getting lost in your neighborhood.

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