Tips To Increase Your Facebook Video Views

If you were to scroll through your Facebook newsfeed right now, chances are you would find a video of some sort. Videos are uploaded to Facebook on a regular basis. For musicians, Facebook Videos can be a powerful tool since they allow you the opportunity to get more exposure. Here are 4 ways to increase your Facebook video views:

Upload Videos To Facebook
: Upload your videos directly to Facebook. Your video will get more exposure from Facebook if you upload directly to their site. This is a simple way to increase views.

Don’t Overlook Your Thumbnail
: Choose a thumbnail that is attention grabbing. The thumbnail is your first impression. Make it count. Upload a thumbnail that will make viewers want to click.

Know When To Post:
Post when Facebook use is at it’s highest. The best times to post are in the early morning, early evening, and late at night. Since more people are online, more people will have access to your video.

Re-share Video On Your Page:  
Re-share the video. After some time has passed from when you originally posted the video, share it. This will bring up the video on a user’s news feed again. If a user didn’t notice it the first time around, they may see it the second time you post it.

As musicians, exposure is one of the most important things. With the right amount, you can go from 100 fans to 10,000 fans. Facebook video can be a great way of reaching more people.

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