Things Every Band Should Do

A solid foundation is important for the success of any business. Music is no exception. Your band is your business. Your foundation is making sure that every band member is on the same page. You don’t want to have conflicts down the line, for issues that could’ve been addressed at the beginning. Here are 3 things that every band should do.

How Will Decisions Be Handled: Implement a decision making progress. Will one or two members make decisions, or will the whole band have a say? There are many ways in which this can be approached. The important thing is that every band member understands “who” and “how” decisions are going to be handled. Make it crystal clear.

Write Down Expectations: Make sure you make it clear what is expected of every band member. Establish common goals and expectations, such as designating a time for practice.

Divide Tasks: Every member has to put in the same amount of effort. You can’t have one member taking on all the responsibility. One member can be in charge of handling social media, while another can handle calling venue owners. Divide tasks among the members.

By addressing issues early on, you are setting yourself up for success. Follow these simple steps to ensure that every band member is on the same page.

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