Tips To Maximize Your YouTube Views

YouTube is like a jungle. Crowded, competitive and easy to get lost. Comedy skits, product reviews, and music videos are all over YouTube. Don’t let your content go unnoticed. Below are 3 ways to maximize your YouTube views.

Choose A Relevant Title: Your title needs to be catchy enough to make the viewers want to click. However, don’t forget to include relevant keywords in the title. Doing so will allow you to be noticed more easily by people on YouTube looking for your type of videos.

Include Appropriate Tags: Think of what your video is about, and include relevant tags. If it’s mentioned in your video, include a tag for it. The more tags you use, the more likely your video will get discovered.

Don’t Overlook Annotations: Annotations allow you to write content within your actual video. Take advantage of this. With annotations, you can provide direct links to other videos you’ve made, allowing you to get more exposure on your other videos. You can even have a link to your subscription page.

With so many YouTube videos out there, don’t let your video get lost in the mix. Make your video easier for viewers to find.

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