4 Things Disney Music Teaches Musicians

In the last few years, Disney music has been reimagined by YouTube stars. The music used to be only for young children, now Disney songs reach all across the world. Aspects of these videos have increased their viewers tenfold.

In order to be as successful as Disney music, you should understand why they are popular.

1. Create universal music.

Disney movies are viewed around the world. Music is a language all it’s own. If you played a Disney song for someone who spoke a different language they would understand where it came from, if not the words. Lindsey Stirling and the Piano Guys use their instruments to create beautiful renditions of the famous songs. They don’t need words to create an uplifting feeling in their viewers.

2. Psychological. 

Todrick Hall and Jon Cozart take a look at characters from a psychological standpoint. Jon Cozart, of the channel PAINT, has created music videos that look at the effects after happily ever after. With a basis of the score, Jon sings hilarious rhymes about their ultimate demise.

Todrick Hall has used characters from Disney movies to create mash-ups. Situations where the Disney Princes create a boyband and go on tour, the Disney Villains sing “Spell Block Tango” taking the score from the Broadway musical “Chicago” and creating the reasons why their wickedness got them there.

3. Pay attention to voices. 

Nick Pitera and Peter Hollins have taken it one step further. They use their vocal talents to create the Disney characters, including the princesses! They have worked hard to create sensational channels with a love of music.

4. Collaboration.

Each of these YouTube stars have worked with each other in one fashion or another. With these collaborations, new and intriguing ideas are brought about. Collaboration reaches a larger fanbase when people see their favorite channels.

Music is a cathartic to the people who listen. It helps us remember our childhood and it elevates our mood. The expansion of Disney music renditions and collaborations have created a wider fanbase than the original music from the movies. Find a niche that works for your videos.

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Emily Thornton is an English Teacher who has a love of Journalism. She loves to read, write, and watch videos (music and fails).

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