How to Successfully Market a Product on YouTube

If a business wants to be successful today, it needs to engage a wide audience base. Younger generations are more interested in learning about a product quickly without having to read about it. 75% of viewers of a video (who has been intrigued by a product) will visit that marketers site.

In order to become a success, follow these few basic steps.

1. Make your content simple.

The attention span of viewers is short. If you can’t explain your product in less than 3 minutes, your video will not be viewed. People want to view, share, and continue with their day without having to think too much. Keep your content simple!

2. Be unique and original.

No one wants to see the same type of video. If it is common, it will not be shared with others. Find one way to stand out above the crowd. A good way to achieve this is to watch videos that are similar to your product or what you want to achieve. Take notes on what they do and put your own twist on it.

3. Be relevant.

Don’t try to make a video with explosions when you are talking about proper feeding techniques of goats. Makes sure your video is relevant to your target audience as well. If you know of some competitors who have successful videos or someone with a similar product, look at how they structured their video for ideas. Don’t copy, but you can get some valuable ideas just by viewing their videos.

4. Build a community.

If you want to reach more people you should be engaged in online communities. Getting valuable feedback can be a boon to your success. Give people who are engaged with your network have discounts or offer giveaways. Continuously update your information or engage your community consistently or they will go elsewhere.

5. Collaborate for brand placements.

Collaboration with YouTube stars can explode your reach of your product. Not only will their followers view your product, but they can recommend it to others in their social network.

Marketing on the second largest search engine is simple and can be done easily as long as you keep trying. Think about your public. Don’t market for just your product, market for the people who you believe will benefit from your product.

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Emily Thornton is an English Teacher who has a love of Journalism. She loves to read, write, and watch videos (music and fails).

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