The Surprising Way YouTube’s ‘Recommended’ Section Works

The majority of YouTube viewership comes from the recommended videos column that you see on your home page. There are three types of recommended videos: videos based on creators, videos that are similar to ones you post, and videos based on the viewer and their demographics.

How YouTube decides which three types of videos are showcased in the recommended section depends on a complicated algorithm. Thankfully, we can skip the math! Instead, here are a few tips to improve your chances of your video being advertised by YouTube.

1. Create engaging content.

Generally, engaging content means anything that interests viewers and pulls them in. In this case, engaging content becomes very specific. Creators should aim to create videos that keep the viewer watching for a long period of time.

The general golden mark is around seven minutes. A great way to do this is to create videos that are lists so that viewers are persuaded to keep watching until the end.

2. Write video titles that hook viewers.

When you catch a YouTube video in the corner of your eye, two things stand out: the thumbnail and the title. Writing a video title that hooks viewers in and leads them to click on the video is the first step to getting more views and attention.

This is also known as clickbait, which can backfire if your title has little to no relevance to your actual video content. It’s important to create a catchy title,don’t depend entirely on it. Your content has to follow through!

3. Design custom thumbnails.

YouTube chooses a couple of screenshots from your video to suggest as potential thumbnails. Since this is done randomly, many times the potential screengrabs are lackluster. Solve this problem by designing custom thumbnails.

To create custom thumbnails, you have to verify your account and then edit the thumbnails yourself. A shocking thumbnail, coupled with a persuasive video title, will guarantee audience engagement and increase your chances of being featured.

4. Know your viewer demographics.

The recommended section has been programmed to give viewers the chance to find other videos that they might be interested in. Because of this, YouTube generally tries to wade through the thousands of videos through certain things like views, likes, and comments to find what fits each viewer best.

Another way to make sure your video is reaching the community is to know your demographics. Make sure your video is getting the attention of the right type of people. For example, if you’re aiming to gather as many traveling enthusiasts as possible, have a title and thumbnail that will resonate with them like below. Don’t forget to include important tags and keywords, too!

YouTube recommends engaging and relevant videos to each and every viewer. Creating content to match will ensure the algorithm works in your favor.

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