The 3 Keys To Creating Commentary Videos About Trending Topics

Every YouTuber should make videos in which they give commentary and share their opinions. Gain new subscribers by talking about what everyone is searching for. Allow viewers to get easily acquainted with your personality by documenting your viewpoints. Easily create more content by reacting to what you already experience on a daily basis! Let the viewer pick your brain, and encourage them to pick their own.

When creating captivating commentary, always remember these three key C’s.

1. Be courageous.

Honesty is extremely important when making a great commentary. If you are not comfortable giving an honest opinion, then don’t react to it! The best commentary comes from the YouTubers who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Subscribers appreciate honestly, and it goes a long way for relationship building. Always speak your mind, because you may be reading someone else’s!

YouTuber LovelyTi2002 is never afraid to speak her mind, and she always encourages her viewers to “get the discussion popping” in the comments section with some viewpoints of their own.

2. Stay current.

Don’t talk about Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance two weeks after it happened; react to events the same night to maximize the video’s potential. Give feedback on those trending stories while they’re trending! Only spend time covering fresh content in order to maximize views. If you post a video later, then comment on the aftermath of the situation. Don’t sit on the topic for a long time; you’ll just end up kicking yourself for not posting it earlier.

Instead of jumping on an older topic, challenge yourself to find a topic that is up-and-coming. Comment when the content is fresh in your (and the viewer’s) mind. Find out what people are searching for, whip out your camera, and start talking! For example, you can include movie reviews on your channel to grow your fanbase.

3. Remain clear.

Captivating commentary is half-raw, half-outlined. Commentary becomes boring when it’s scripted and over-rehearsed. Always have an outline, but never write a full script. Watch or listen to the content a few times before reacting to it. During the first go-around, jot down some emotions and talking points. Outlines help organize the thoughts so the reaction isn’t all over the place.

Outlines create the perfect balance between rehearsed and unrehearsed. Pick a tone for the video and stick with it. Whether it be serious or comical, be sure to know the purpose of the overall video before making it.

To be thorough, research and include snippets of the original content. Remember that commentary should never be longer than the content. Avoid misunderstandings by saying what you mean and meaning what you say. If you don’t do research, you may end up with backlash like Tomi Lahren did. Know what you are signing up for; your opinions can earn you a lot of haters, fans, or fame. Treat each video as if you know it’s going to go viral.

The keys to creating captivating content are simple: be courageous, stay current, and remain clear. In this age of technology, society is constantly bombarded with new music, media, and entertainment videos. The great thing about commentated videos is that each perspective is unique.

Viewers can learn a lot about a person from their commentary. Stick to those key C’s, and you’ll gain instantly loyal fans with each new video. Now get out there and let them know what you think!

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