4 Easy Ways Boost Your Audience Engagement

As a YouTube content creator, you’ve got some pretty high expectations to meet. Your viewers want the best and nothing less. This is especially true when you first begin your channel. Nowadays, having people watch your videos once is not enough.

It’s important to pull your audience in and continually engage them so that they stick around and subscribe! The best way to do so is to build a personal experience for your viewers. These are four simple ways you can start building a better connection with your audience.

1. Viewers → Friends

Viewers know when their favorite YouTuber starts to see creating content as just work. This is especially common when a YouTuber’s channel begins to grow, leading creators to become more shut off and impersonal.

One of the best ways to combat this is to be mindful of your attitude towards your viewers. Do you simply see them as fans, or do you count them as your friends? When you begin treating your audience as your friends, your personality will come through as natural and genuine, subsequently pulling more people in.

Rochelle Fox is a small-time YouTuber whose channel has been growing rapidly. Just a week ago she had 5,000 subscribers, but now she is almost at 8,000. Rochelle and her boyfriend connect with their audience regularly, primarily in casual settings such as their living room, like in the video below. This creates a calming and personal connection between the creator and the viewers.

2. Social Media → Expand

Having one social media platform can already be a handful. However, it’s always a good idea to have several platforms to increase viewer interaction, especially if you’re not able to post a new video every day! Three of the most popular are Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Although the first two are amazing platforms, sometimes they come off as disconnected. Snapchat is a great way to deepen your connection with your viewers. Simple things like popping in during your day and showing what you’re doing on Snapchat will keep people interested and engaged.

Buzzfeed introduced Shonduras, one of the most famous Snapchatters around. Check out this video to get a good idea of how he earned this title! With his outgoing personality and humorous demeanor, Shonduras comes off as fun and personal. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day with a guy like that?

3. Audience → Listen

If you’re already seeing your viewers as your friends, this should be another step to further that! Although the comment section can be overwhelming, it always helps to comment back and start a small conversation with your viewers.

Another tip is to be mindful of the comments you see. If there’s something your viewers want or have a problem with, then take it into consideration and show that your viewers matter to you!

4. YouTube Community → Ask

We’ve all heard those two words in the beginning or end of a YouTube video: “Please Subscribe!” Although it can come off as annoying, it really does work! That’s why so many of the top YouTubers still do it.

If you want something, the best way to get it is to ask for it. Asking for feedback and suggestions also shows that you’re interested in what your viewers want.

Engaging with the YouTube community is imperative when it comes to audience growth and keeping your viewers interested and satisfied. These four tips are simple ways to begin strengthening the personal side of YouTube content creation.

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Barbara Kandek enjoys writing stories and listening to music. She also loves traveling the world and taking pictures of her adventures. You can find her on Instagram @b.vd.k

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