The Creator Benefit Levels And What They Mean

YouTube ranks every channel under a creator benefit level, which is based on subscriber count. Each level offers creators different features and more access to the YouTube Space studios.

Here are the creator benefit levels and what they mean.

Everyone starts at graphite.

To reach the first creator benefit level, you only need a single subscriber. Creators with less than a thousand subscribers are considered graphite level.

The best thing you can do as a graphite creator is spend time getting the know your way around the Creator Studio. In the Creator Studio, you can find all kinds of tools and features to help you manage your channel. Utilize the in-depth analytics to understand your growth.

You can also take introductory courses from YouTube’s Creator Academy. On both their site and their channel, you can find helpful how-to guides for getting your channel off the ground.

One to ten thousand subscribers puts you at opal level.

Once you reach that first thousand subscribers, you channel reaches opal level. While you’re still restricted from many features, YouTube has more Creator Academy courses designed to help you grow your channel.

The best part of reaching opal level is that you’re eligible for channel monetization. Apply for the YouTube Partner Program in order to turn on monetization for your videos.

At opal level, you should be hyperfocused on growing your channel. Make use of the basic features you have access to, such as YouTube Live. With a thousand subscribers, you can even enable Super Chat.

You can also start monetizing your online presence outside of YouTube. An opal level channel is big enough to start selling merch or attracting sponsors.

At ten thousand subscribers, you hit bronze level.

As soon as you break ten thousand subscribers, you’ll open up a whole new world of possibilities for your channel. YouTube heavily focuses on helping creators at this level continue growing their channels exponentially.

At bronze level, you unlock Merch Shelf. This relatively new feature allows you to sell your channel merch directly alongside your videos.

You also get free access to production studios at YouTube Spaces all across the globe. Check out the site for your nearest YouTube Space location to find events, workshops, equipment, and studio space to help you make bigger and better content.

In the same vein, you’re also eligible to apply for YouTube NextUp. These week-long creator camps offer up-and-coming creators a crash course in online video production.

One hundred thousand subscribers puts you at silver level.

The next important milestone for a creator is reaching their first hundred thousand subscribers. With that many subscribers, you can get your very own YouTube partner manager. These knowledgeable YouTube employees can help you get the most out of your channel.

However, for many creators, the most exciting thing about reaching a hundred thousand subscribers is the silver play button they’ll be awarded.

Rewards continue for creators with a million subscribers or more.

The silver play button isn’t the only channel growth-based award YouTubers can win. When you reach a million subscribers, you’ll receive a gold play button as well.

The rarest and most coveted play button, however, is diamond. In order to get a diamond play button, you must surpass ten million subscribers.

The creator benefit levels are designed to inspire you to keep growing your channel. With access to new features at every turn, you should strive to reach the next level.

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