How To Join The YouTube For Creators Program

As YouTube grows, so does the number of resources and opportunities it offers its creators. In order to take full advantage of everything YouTube has to offer, you should join the YouTube for Creators program.

Here’s everything you need to know about enrolling in YouTube for Creators.

You must meet the eligibility requirements for being considered an active creator.

In order to be eligible for the YouTube for Creators program, you must be considered an active creator. The criteria is fairly easy to meet. During the past three months, you must have uploaded videos on at least two separate days.

However, there is also a watch time criteria. Because the benefits you’re eligible for are based on your channel’s level, your watch time criteria is also based on your number of subscribers.

If you have less than a thousand subscribers, your channel isn’t required to have any watch time. For opal level channels, you’ll need at least a thousand hours of watch time. Bronze channels are required to have at least ten thousand hours, and silver and up are required to have at least one hundred thousand hours.

Once you’re eligible, you’re automatically enrolled.

Any creator who meets the minimum requirements is automatically enrolled in the YouTube for Creators program. So, as long as your channel stays active, you’ll remain a part of the program.

To ensure you retain your eligibility, stick to your upload schedule. At the bare minimum, make sure you’re uploading at least one video every six weeks.

Utilize the resources available to you.

The best place any creator can start is Creator Academy. There, you can find all kinds of tutorials, updates, and any other information you need concerning YouTube.

You can also make use of the resources available through the YouTube Space studios throughout the world. Creators who have at least ten thousand subscribers can access studio space, events, equipment, and workshops.

The YouTube for Creators program opens up a plethora of resources to creators just like you. Keep your channel eligible and active by focusing on both subscriber count and watch time.

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