The Best Way To Set Up Your Filming Equipment

As a content creator, you’re bound to amass more video equipment then you know what to do with. You’ve got lighting, microphones, cameras, and tripods. However, learning to set it all up the right way is another story.

Here’s the best way to set up your filming equipment.

1. Stabilize your camera first.

Before doing anything else, you’ve got to get your camera in perfect position. Make sure that whatever you’re setting your camera on top of, whether it’s a tripod or a stack of books, is stable. Many tripods have a level, but if yours doesn’t, then you can pick up a cheap level at the hardware store and check your camera’s balance yourself.

Check the angle of your camera. Have a friend or even a stuffed animal sit exactly where you’re going to sit when you film so that you can adjust the angle of your camera the way you want it. While you’re behind the camera, go ahead and check the framing, white balance, and battery power as well.

This video will help you create a beautiful video setup.

2. Set up your lighting to eliminate shadows.

Now, it’s your moment in the spotlight. Lighting is one of the most important parts of making a quality video. Most viewers will click away from a video that’s too dark or shadowy to see, so you want to make sure that your space is illuminated.

Start with the key light. Put a ring light or a bright lamp directly behind your camera so that it’s facing you head-on. Next, add a backlight to prevent shadows. Put an unshaded lamp next to you but out of frame. Finally, finish up with a fill light, which can be a cute lamp or even a candle as part of your video background.

Check out this video for a more thorough explanation of video lighting.

3. Wire a lapel mic and add a few pillows for better audio.

In order to get the best quality audio, you should isolate your voice with a lapel mic. This clip-on microphone is easy to use but hard to see on camera, which makes it perfect for a vlog. Best of all, they’re affordable.

Capturing great video sound also requires sound absorption. Adding a few throw pillows or a quirky beanbag to your video setup will help minimize any background noise or echo.

Here’s more on quality sound setup.

4. Put on a comfy outfit and your best smile.

Now that your space is ready to film, it’s your turn. Put on an outfit that makes you feel both confident and comfortable. You can wear as much or as little makeup as you’d like. Do whatever makes you feel your best so that you’ll be happy on camera.

The most important aspect of a video is your smile. For most videos, you should be warm and inviting for both old and new viewers alike. A stony face will quickly turn away any viewers who might otherwise enjoy your content. However, if your video requires a more serious tone, it’s okay to drop the smile and be open and honest with your viewers.

Here’s how popular vlogger Joey Graceffa gets ready for his videos.

A great video starts with the best equipment setup possible. Follow these tips to make your videos shine.

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