The 5 Buzzwords That Will Turn You Into A Pro YouTuber

Just as with any subculture, YouTubers tend to speak with their own set of terms and slang words. For the casual viewer, it can hard to keep up, but for you, these words are the name of the game.

Here are the five buzzwords that will turn you into a pro YouTuber in no time.

1. A collab combines star power to generate more views.

‘Collab’ is short for collaboration. By working with another content creator to create videos for both channels, you’ll give each other equal exposure. It’s even better if you can find a frequent collab partner who lives nearby. That way, you can appear on each other’s channels often and form even stronger fanbases.

Though Dan and Phil started on separate channels, their fans couldn’t imagine them creating content without each other.

2. In a sponsored video, the vlogger makes more money by endorsing a product or company.

In order to get a sponsor, you need to make content that is brand-friendly. Focus on a certain type of content, such as beauty or daily vlogs. Then, make sure that what you’re doing can appeal to a wide audience. Sponsors often shy away from creators who use strong language or produce mature-rated content.

Because Lisbug does a lot of videos about trying different kinds of women’s underwear, she got a company to sponsor her video and offer her viewers an exclusive deal.

3. A GRWM lets viewers prepare for the day ahead with their favorite vloggers.

“Get Ready With Me” videos are a recently growing trend on YouTube. Vloggers simply turn their morning routine or event preparations into a beauty tutorial. Viewers love these videos because they give them practical tips for events they may need to prepare themselves for.

Coachella GRWM’s were all the rage during music festival season.

4. Haul videos show subscribers the products you love.

Many viewers turn to YouTube for product recommendations, and a haul from your favorite store lets them know about all of your favorite products in one video. Vloggers simply show the camera what they got after a trip to Sephora, a thrift store, or a popular city.

Trisha Paytas combined her clothing haul with a try-on so that her viewers could see how her new clothes looked on her body type.

5. Vlogmas is the ultimate test of your YouTube skills.

During Vlogmas, creators upload a new video every single day from the first of December until Christmas. This challenge brings in more views and helps creators learn to produce better content on a stricture schedule. You can also participate in Vlogtober, Vlogsgiving, or create your own month of vlogging.

Zoella was among the first to complete the Vlogmas challenge.

YouTube comes with a language all its own. Working these terms into your daily vocabulary will have you sounding and acting like a pro YouTuber in no time at all.

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