How This Music Video Broke 100 Million Views

Uploading content to YouTube has a potential for the creator to be recognized for their work and to gain viewers. Most musicians have used YouTube channels in order to earn appeal for their music. One musician who has utilized YouTube for this reason is UK singer Sam Smith.

Below are the reasons why Sam Smith’s music video for “Writing’s On The Wall” received over 100 million views.

1. Sam Smith’s musical talent is unique.

Sam Smith is a talented singer from the UK who has become quite popular in recent years. His unique vocal sound gives him the ability to perform in a wide variety of music genres.

Sam Smith’s singing is unique, and he has the ability to sing in different tones. He is not only talented for singing, but he is also a lyricist as well.

Below is an example of Sam Smith’s musical talent.

2. His collabs with other artists have brought him into the spotlight.

Sam Smith initially got famous from a collaboration he did with the musical group Disclosure. The collabs he does with other artists results in his talent being displayed to new listeners. This makes his music appealing to listeners from all across the musical spectrum.

Below is an example of a collab he did with Disclosure.

3. The music videos he produces are creative and thematic.

Sam Smith’s music videos show that he likes the music he produces to have a particular cinematic theme. The music videos are creative and usually feature him in a situation that his lyrics describe him in.

This is evident in many of his songs, and below illustrates this example with the music video for “Writing’s On The Wall,” which was inspired by James Bond.

Above illustrates the reasons why Sam Smith’s music video for “Writing’s On The Wall” earned over 100 million views on YouTube. His musical talent is distinctive, and the collabs he does with other artists have earned him recognition. His music videos are very cinematic in quality and give each song a theme.

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