The Best Way to Promote Your YouTube Videos

When you have a great video idea, you want to share it with the world. However, simply uploading and hoping for the best isn’t enough.

Follow these steps to successfully promote your next video.

1. Start early by teasing.

Start talking about your new video even before you post it. You can share behind-the-scenes clips on Snapchat, Instagram interesting screenshots, or ask your subscribers to predict how the video will end with a Twitter poll.

Gabi Demartino teased the fall lookbook she filmed with her sister in this vlog.

2. Get started as soon as your video is uploaded.

As soon as your video is up, start posting. Share the link on your Twitter and Facebook pages ASAP so that your followers know it’s time to watch.

Lilly Singh tweets the link to a new video as soon as she can.

3. Post everywhere.

Don’t stop your promotion with a single tweet. Repackage your message for different social media platforms. Be sure to post about your video on sites that have more of a niche audience, such as Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Reddit.

Jessie Paege promoted her latest video with this adorable Instagram post.

4. Keep promoting until your next video comes out.

While you’re teasing your next video, keep promoting your latest upload. Post about each video for at least a week to make sure that as many of your followers watch as possible.

Bunny Meyer tweets about every new video for a few days after they’re uploaded.

Promoting your videos well requires a strong promotional strategy. Follow these steps to maximize your views.

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