The 3 Elements Every Successful Video Should Have

Every successful YouTuber follows the same basic formula for organizing videos. Here are the three elements that every great video should have.

1. Intriguing Intro

A great introduction is quick and unique. It should brand your channel and let viewers know what they’re about to watch. Don’t give away everything, though!

Lilly Singh’s videos always start with a rainbow screen and a unicorn’s neigh. This quick animation reminds viewers that most of Lilly’s videos shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

2. Original Outro

Many popular YouTubers have catchphrases that are nearly as famous as they are. Many times, these catchphrases come from the outro that the content creator uses to say goodbye to his or her viewers. How are you going to make your farewells memorable?

Vlogger Natalia Taylor ends every video by reminding her Angels, “No matter where you go, never forget to wear your halo!”

3. Concise Call-To-Action

The call-to-action is your chance to reminds viewers to comment, like, and subscribe. Don’t beg for interaction. Rather, you should keep it short and sweet. Be sure to point out the subscribe button!

Twin YouTubers Niki and Gabi always reminds viewers to “pause and subscribe” before they get into the video.

A successful video should make the best use of an intro, outro, and call-to-action. Follow the same formula as your favorite YouTubers to find success of your own.

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