The Best Places to Promote Your Music Online

Promoting your music online is the best way to reach new listeners, but what are the best places to promote your music online?

1. YouTube

Millions of people use YouTube to find new music every single day. Creating your own channel is simple, easy, and free. Upload content regularly to gain subscribers and build a substantial following for your music.

Watch this video to learn how to create your own successful YouTube channel.

2. is a great way to reach new listeners through playlists. Users love to find new artists who are similar to their favorites. was designed as a way for people to share the music that they love.

Here’s how to register as an artist with

3. Reddit

Many of the most popular things you’ve ever seen on the Internet got their start on Reddit. This grassroots-style community allows anyone to share content. By posting your songs to Reddit’s music threads, you could become the next big Internet sensation.

Check out this video on how to promote your music on Reddit.

Promoting your music online starts with promoting in the right places. Start with YouTube,, and Reddit if you want to be successful.

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