4 Reasons Sharing Music Is Better Than Spamming

There are so many musicians out there who all want to be heard, and the Internet has made sharing music easier than ever. The trend of sending music links indiscriminately to an enormous list of people worked for only a short time. Now creativity is key, and spam-sharing is a thing of the past.

Here are four reasons why creative sharing is better than spamming.

1. Spam is annoying.

Being sent spam is equivalent to a stranger tapping you on the shoulder and telling you his shoe is untied. It’s information that’s kind of useless.

Spamming a music link seems like a last-ditch effort to share something no one asked for. Your music is a valuable commodity, so you should treat it as such.

This video goes into detail about why spamming is bad for artists.

2. It won’t reach the target audience.

People all have their own taste in music and tend to search for familiar genres and artist. It’s unlikely you know the taste of the random person your link was sent to.

If someone has been sent a link for a country album and they prefer jazz, then sending the link was a waste since they’re unlikely to listen.

This video gives some tips on how to learn more about your target audience.

3. People receive too much of it.

People are receiving spam from many different outlets, such as email, social media and even advertisements in real life. They tend to block out the distractions and focus on what they want the most, similar to an email account that creates a spam folder.

If they aren’t already looking for your music, the link will automatically be ignored.

4. It’s the least creative way to share your creativity.

Music is all about creativity. If you aren’t able to spend a ton of money on a creative approach, then you should consider the pay off in the end and try to get a small budget together.

If you believe your music is amazing, then a small investment can launch your career.

This video explains the importance of using creative marketing to stand out from the crowd.

Don’t waste time spamming your music links, as it’s an ancient approach. Spam has become an Internet noise that people avoid. Think of creative ways to get your music noticed. Play your music in the background of funny videos, connect with influencers to talk about promotions, etc. Make them search for your music!

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Jaymee Rayford has a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations. She has an eclectic music taste that ranges from 90’s rap to EDM. She’s currently focused on pop culture journalism and breaking into the entertainment industry as a publicist.

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