The Basics of Creator Wellness

As a content creator, a lot of your success depends on your online popularity. YouTube is often a numbers game, but that kind of pressure can be emotionally and mentally draining. Therefore, wellness is an important part of taking care of yourself as a creator.

Here are the wellness basics every creator should implement into their life.

Schedule time away from social media.

While social media is an important part of your life, it shouldn’t take over your entire life. A lawyer doesn’t spend every waking moment in the office, waiting for a client to call. A chef doesn’t spend twenty-four hours a day creating new dishes. Likewise, an influencer shouldn’t spend all day long on social media.

You may find it helpful to monitor your screen time, which can be found under your phone’s settings. Give yourself a limit and try your best to stick to it. If you find yourself having trouble staying off your phone, then you might try substituting your screen time with a hobby that requires you to use your hands, such as baking, sketching, playing music, or crafting.

Set clear boundaries between the aspects of your life you share online and what you keep private.

Anyone who’s ever looked at a magazine or glanced at the trends on social media has seen the personal details of a celebrity’s life splashed across the headlines. Some of them, especially reality stars, may not be completely in charge of deciding the parts of their life they share with the world. However, as an independent creator, you do have complete control.

Therefore, you should be very cautious about the parts of your life you choose to share online. For example, some creators choose to keep their real last names, their significant others, or their children’s faces underwraps. Basically, if you wouldn’t want to see it trending on Twitter, then you should keep it private.

Utilize the comment filters provided to you on various platforms.

The comments section is a notoriously dangerous place, especially for people who share as much content as influencers do. Hiding behind the anonymity of a screen, some users feel like they can write anything without any consequences. However, the reality is that those hateful comments from strangers can hurt just as much online as they would in real life.

Thankfully, a lot of prominent social media platforms have developed features to protect their users from seeing these hurtful comments. YouTube in particular has strong filters and makes it easy for you to block certain words from appearing in your comments. You can find a full guide to YouTube’s comment filters here.

Learn to look at your channel analytics objectively.

Overall, the most important thing you can do to protect your well-being as a creator is to learn how to be objective regarding your own success. Try to see your views, subscribers, merch sales, etc. as data points rather than measures of your value. You can analyze them and use what you learn to grow, but you shouldn’t equate your self-worth with the numbers on your screen.

That’s not to say you can’t find value in other aspects of your career. You may find joy in the relationship you have with your viewers, or you might develop a sense of pride in a product you’ve worked hard to design. Ultimately, your personal happiness is a more important marker of success than your subscriber count.

As a content creator, your personal wellness is of utmost importance. Prioritizing your emotional and mental well-being will help you avoid burnout and stay at the top of your game.

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