How This Creator Built A Huge Audience Through Live Streaming

There’s no set path to success on YouTube, nor is there a “mold” a creator has to fit to find an audience. Recently, creator Corpse Husband has exploded in popularity. His dedicated audience of diehard fans is more than six and a half million strong, and his most recent videos have garnered tens of millions of views. His audience has mainly been built through live streaming.

Here’s how Corpse Husband built a huge audience through live streaming.

He chose a popular topic within an extremely popular niche.

While he got his start on YouTube as part of the horror narration community, Corpse recently migrated to the platform’s gaming side. This community has produced some of YouTube’s biggest and most recognizable stars, such as Markiplier. This niche’s popularity only continues to grow.

Like a lot of gaming creators, Corpse decided to focus on a particular game. He chose Among Us, which was exploding in popularity around the same time his channel was. His gameplay videos and live streams attracted millions of viewers, many of whom had been playing the game themselves.

He collaborates with a lot of other creators.

Unlike a lot of gaming creators, however, Corpse doesn’t play on his own. Viewers love to watch him go live with other YouTubers. He often goes live with Twitch streamers as well. He’s streamed with big name gamers like Pewdiepie, Dream, and Jacksepticeye.

He doesn’t collaborate with gaming creators exclusively. His videos have featured notable YouTubers such as MrBeast and James Charles. He’s even streamed with artist Logic.

He created an air of mystery around his content.

One of the most well-known facts about Corpse Husband is that he never shows his face on camera. It enables him to maintain a sense of privacy both online and in real life. His avatar even hints at this decision, depicting an illustrated version of his face covered by a mask.

However, it also creates an air of mystery around every video he uploads. Viewers only know him by his voice, so they’ve naturally become more curious about him. He even did an interview about it with fellow content creator Anthony Padilla.

Corpse Husband grew a massive audience by focusing on a popular topic within a popular content niche. He also created a mystery around his channel, which increased viewers’ interest.

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