How To Deal With Hate Comments

Anyone who posts on the internet, whether it be YouTube videos or Facebook statuses, probably has some experience with hate comments. These negative, argumentative, or even downright viscous replies can take a toll on a creator’s well-being. Therefore, it’s vitally important that you learn how to handle them in an effective and productive manner.

Here’s how to deal with hate comments.

Protect your comments by adding harmful words to your blocked words list.

YouTube’s automatic comment filters work to identify the majority of slurs and hateful phrases and remove them. However, due to the sheer volume of comments made and the limits of the automatic system, some offensive words do slip through. You can fine-tune the automatic comments filters for your channel by manually adding words you don’t want to see to your blocked words list.

To add something to your blocked words list, go to “Settings” in your YouTube Studio. Then, select “Community” from the sidebar. Click on “Automated filters” at the top. Next, scroll to the bottom, where you’ll see a section labeled “Blocked words.” There, you can add words to be filtered from your comments. Be sure to save your choices.

Review your held comments.

Any comments that have been filtered from your channel can be found in your YouTube Studio under “Comments.” You can click on the “Held for review” tab to manually go through and delete or approve any comments that require your attention.

If you don’t want to deal with these comments yourself, you can always assign the responsibility to a manager or other team member through Channel Permissions. Invite them in “Permissions” under “Settings.” Make sure you enter their Gmail address, then add them as a manager or editor.

Block repeat offenders.

Sometimes, filters and routinely deleted comments aren’t enough to deter an angry troll. If a commenter is repeatedly leaving hurtful comments, or if they’ve left one that makes you want to ensure they can’t comment on your videos again, you can block them from commenting. First, go to a comment they’ve previously made on your channel. Then, click on the three dots next to the comment. Select “Hide comments from this user.”

You can also block a commenter in YouTube Studio. First, get their channel link either from a comment or by searching their username and copy it. Then, go to “Community” under “Settings” in your YouTube Studio. Paste their channel link in the “Hidden users” box and save.

As a creator, you should utilize the tools YouTube has put in place for you to manage your comments. Filtering and deleting hate comments can protect your well-being by reminding you how worthless those harmful messages you receive really are. When you deal with your hate comments effectively, you can focus on the meaningful comments from the viewers who uplift you instead.

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