The 5 People Every Aspiring Artist Should Have On Speed Dial

As an aspiring artist, you know the power of connections. You spend a lot of time networking with people in the music industry to help get your foot in the door. It’s always a good idea to save a new contact’s number in your phone so that you can get ahold easily, should the need arise.

Here are the five people that every aspiring artist should have on speed dial.

1. A guitar player can join you for a last-minute gig.

You may not always have your gigs booked weeks in advance. When your cousin’s wedding band cancels last minute or your neighbor’s volunteer team is pulling together a charity event, you’ll likely be the musician-on-call.

Be prepared for those moments by finding a guitar player you can work with as a last-minute backing band. It’s easier than having an entire band scramble at the last second to come play with you.

2. A writer can help you find lyrical inspiration.

You’ve probably got at least one Facebook friend who’s still writing his novel or always working on her blog. Having a writer as a good friend will be helpful when you’re working on songs for your next album. You may have the perfect guitar riff down pat, but if the lyrics don’t come, it may never be a song.

Keep yourself lyrically inspired by grabbing coffee with a writer. Your friend doesn’t have to be published. As long as he or she has a way with words, you’ll have a songwriting partner you can count on.

3. A tech guru can make sure your equipment stays up and running.

Whether it’s a home recording studio or a cool new amp, every aspiring artist has at least one piece of equipment that’s necessary to his or her livelihood as a musician. To help you out in case of a technical emergency, befriend someone who’s good with computers or electronic equipment.

As a bonus, your tech savvy friend will be able to help you stay up-to-date on the latest iPhone gadgets that can take your playing the extra mile.

4. A local band could be your ticket to playing on a bigger tour.

All bands have to start somewhere. Rather than treating other local acts like rivals, strike up friendships with them. This move will be mutually beneficial, as you never know who may need an opening act on tour or a backup vocalist in the studio.

Be sure to reach out to your other musician friends if you come across an opportunity that they may be interested in, too.

5. A lawyer can help you out of a sticky situation.

Maybe your latest beat sounds a little too close to Kanye’s, or your band shares a name with a Slovakian grocery chain that’s trying to open a storefront in America. Whatever the problem may be, a lawyer can help you out of a legal bind before it escalates to trial.

Many musicians face legal troubles involving copyright. Sound legal advice is always better than going in blind.

A lot of musical success may come down to who you know, and it’s a good idea to connect with people outside of the music industry, too. Start with these five as you grow your social network.

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