How Ed Sheeran Gives His Music Career Staying Power

Ed Sheeran is one of the biggest artists in the world. The English singer-songwriter returned from a year-long hiatus with a new album in March, and he’s been touring nonstop since. Even Ed’s earlier album remain popular, with many of his previous singles still receiving radio play on both pop and alternative music stations. He doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Here’s how Ed Sheeran gives his music career staying power.

1. He avoids music that sounds too “trendy.”

Ed Sheeran’s singles never lean into the sound of what’s most popular on the radio. Rather, he lets each new release forge its own path, often making way for new trends in pop music. He introduced a lot of acoustic music onto the pop charts early in his career, and now, his newest album helped open doors for music with international influence.

2. He tours often and everywhere.

Ed doesn’t tour in just his home country. He travels all over the world playing shows, giving fans from all over a chance to see him play live. By making his tours a global effort, he increases his popularity in countries that other artists don’t always prioritize.

3. He works with other artists so that his influence can be heard up and down the charts.

Not everything Ed does is to elevate his own name. He often works in the background for other artists, penning hits that help build others’ careers. He was the genius behind Justin Bieber’s mega hit “Love Yourself” and Rita Ora’s comeback single “Your Song.” He lent both his songwriting talent and his vocals to Liam Payne’s breakout hit “Strip That Down.”

Ed Sheeran has built a music career with staying power by touring internationally and working in other facets of the industry. Consider doing the same if you want to build a music career that lasts.

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