How To Get More Than 10,000 Views On Every Single Video

YouTube recently updated its advertising policies so that creators can’t make money off of a video unless it receives more than 10,000 viewers. For many up-and-coming YouTubers, this may seem like an impossible goal. However, content creators have proven time and time again that they can do the impossible.

Here’s how you can start getting more than 10,000 views on every single video.

1. Build a strong relationship with the subscribers that you already have.

This time last year, storytime vlogger Natalia Taylor had about 10,000 subscribers. Rather than putting all of her focus on growing her channel, she concentrated on building a strong relationship with the viewers that she already had.

The relationship that Natalia had with her original subscriber base was so close that she felt safe and comfortable sharing her most personal story with them. Natalia’s video about her kidnapping ended up going viral, and within a few months, she had more than half a million subscribers.

2. Create videos that are highly shareable.

A highly shareable video is something that everyone can relate to. Lilly Singh became one of the biggest influencers on YouTube by creating videos such as “Types of People” and “My Parents React.” In these videos, Lilly says what everyone’s thinking but is too afraid to say out loud.

Lilly also encourages her viewers to share her videos on Twitter and tag their friends who can relate on Facebook. This exposes her videos to an even larger audience who already has a lot in common with her current viewers.

3. Cash in on popular trends.

Whenever a new video trend gets popular, jumping on it can get newer YouTubers lots of attention as viewers search for videos similar to the ones they already love.

By creating a video in the “conspiracy theory” trend started by Shane Dawson, vlogger Ally Hardesty gained new subscribers and got a couple hundred thousand views. Her videos even caught the attention of Shane himself!

Getting more than 10,000 views might be a challenge, but with these tips in your arsenal, you’ll be more than prepared.

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