The 5 Best Tools for Video Promotion

Making YouTube videos may feel like a second job, but hard work is easier with the right tools. These are the five tools that you should be using to promote your videos successfully.

1. Eye-catching titles get viewers interested.

When you’re scrolling through Netflix searching for a movie to watch, how many times has a particular title caught your eye? Finding a YouTube video to watch is the same sort of process for most viewers. If the title of your video catches their eyes, then they’ll be more likely to watch it.

To write eye-catching titles, keep it short and sweet. Frontload your keywords, but make sure your title is more than a list of related terms. Write a title that’s interesting and unique. When promoting your video on social media, including an interesting title rather than simply saying “my next video” is a great way to get potential viewers’ attention.

Check out this video to learn how to write video titles that get views.

2. Bright thumbnails capture viewers’ attention.

After the title, the thumbnail is the next thing that a viewer sees. Think of your video’s thumbnail as a movie poster. How can you best represent your video visually?

A good thumbnail should be clear and colorful. Rather than using one of the screenshots that YouTube selects for you, create your own custom thumbnail. To promote your video, post a larger version of your video thumbnail to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. in the days leading up to your video release. Your custom thumbnail will act as your “movie poster.”

This video will show you how to easily make custom thumbnails.

3. SEO ranks your video higher.

Search Engine Optimization is the best way to increase your video’s ranking in the Google or YouTube search results. By strategically placing keywords, you will give the search engine more places to find what people are searching for.

Check out this video on the top ten ways to rank on YouTube!

4. Collaborations bring together multiple audiences.

When it comes to collaborations, the more, the merrier! Not only does collaborating with other YouTubers expand your own viewership, but it also equally benefits every person in the video. Collaborations bring together audiences from different channels and introduce them to new content creators. You’re working together to promote each other.

Most collaborations are between two or three video makers, but you should consider collaborating with as many other YouTubers as you can get involved. For example, in the video below, content creators from six different channels, along with other friends, came to together to create a huge and hilarious comedy sketch.

5. Audience interaction turns fans into friends.

When it comes really comes down to it, viewers will return to channels that make them feel like more than just another follower. When you remind your viewers to like, comment, or subscribe, you should also ask them a specific question to answer in the comments. Read through those comments and respond to a few.

When you treat your fans like your friends, they’ll visit your channel more often. Promoting your videos starts with forming a relationship with those who will watch them.

Watch this video to learn more about interacting with your viewers.

With the right tools, YouTube video promotion doesn’t have to be a lot of hard work. As long as you’re incorporating these five things, promoting your videos will be a breeze.

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