4 Things That Make Niki and Gabi’s Videos Popular

Twin YouTubers Niki and Gabi boast more than four million subscribers and a recent Teen Choice Awards nomination. At only twenty-one years old, Niki and Gabi Demartino have net values of over $800,000 each.

Here are four things that make Niki and Gabi’s videos so popular.

1. They’re constantly trying new things.

When the Demartinos first started out on YouTube, they made parody sketches with their older sister on the channel 00RemakeGirls. However, as their success grew, they expanded the kind of content they created with their beauty channel nikiandgabibeauty.

Now that their second channel has become their main channel, Niki and Gabi continue to try out different kinds of content. Rather than sticking to beauty, they’ve tried everything from crafting to comedy. To make sure that they’re making content that their viewers will love, Niki and Gabi simply ask their subscribers what they like best.

Check out this unique video that Niki and Gabi published recently.

2. They vary their content.

As mentioned before, Niki and Gabi don’t stick to strictly one kind of content. A few of their most popular video categories include relatable, spoofs, DIY, and music. By mixing it up, they keep viewers coming back. Subscribers never know what to expect!

Check out Niki and Gabi’s original music video for “it.”

3. They always remind viewers to pause and subscribe.

Any fan of Niki and Gabi immediately recognizes the call to “pause and subscribe” in the intro of every video that the girls post. By making this constant reminder into a catchphrase, Niki and Gabi have ensured that a new viewer will never forget to subscribe!

In this video, Niki reminds viewers to pause and subscribe within the first ten seconds of the video.

4. They make awesome collaborations.

Niki and Gabi never stop collaborating with their fellow YouTuber friends. By constantly bringing together different audiences, they promote their channel to millions of new viewers with a single video.

Check out this collaboration that Niki and Gabi did with Alisha Marie and Jessie Paege.

Niki and Gabi Demartino worked hard for their well-deserved success. By trying new things, varying your content, reminding viewers to pause and subscribe, and making awesome collaborations, you, too, can make your videos as popular as Niki and Gabi’s are.

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