3 Ways Annotations Make Your Video Stand Out

Annotations have come a long way since the Post-It note style bubbles that pinned links in the corners of early YouTube videos. However, with the new and innovative methods that other content creators have developed, annotations have become an awesome tool.

Here are three ways that annotations can make your video stand out.

1. Show off your other content.

Long gone are the days of annotations that consist of no more than a video URL. Instead, insert a direct link as part of a witty caption.

When you mention other videos you’ve posted in your latest upload, use annotations to hyperlink the older videos. You can also link the previous video in a series or point viewers to a collaboration you’ve done. That way, rather than simply telling your viewers to check out your other videos, you can send them exactly where they want to go next!

This video will teach you how to use annotations to link related videos.

2. Make your video interactive.

Thanks to hyperlinks, you can bring your video to a whole new level by making it interactive! Viewers will love to be engaged with your interactive video because the experience is different every time. An interactive video stands out because it’s not something viewers see every day!

Check out this video to learn how to make interactive YouTube videos.

3. Turn your video in a video game.

Have you ever wanted to have your own mobile game like Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato do? Video annotations can bring you one step closer by turning your interactive video into an interactive game.

This video is a great example of an interactive YouTube video game.

Annotations are an awesome way to get viewers interacting with your content. Try new things and see how you can best make this feature work for you.

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