The 3 Keys For Balancing Your Workload As A Content Creator

As a content creator, you have to wear a lot of hats in order to manage your workload. You’re fully responsible for a video from start to finish, working as writer, talent, director, editor, and marketer all in one. However, there are certain strategies you can implement to streamline your workflow and make your responsibilities more manageable.

Here are the three keys for balancing your workload as a content creator.

1. Delegate tasks to other team members when you can.

While you may feel pressured to work alone, it’s okay to find other people to share your responsibilities. In fact, a lot of the most successful creators have entire teams of editors, producers, and managers supporting them. If your budget allows, you should consider hiring an assistant, a manager, or an editor to help you with your channel.

However, if you don’t yet have the means to pay someone else to work for you full-time, then you could work with freelancers periodically. You could contract someone to do a rough edit of your next video so you’ll only have to concentrate on fine-tuning the finished product. Alternatively, you might hire a virtual assistant to take over things like answering emails, scheduling events, or making travel arrangements.

If you truly can’t afford to hire anyone to help you, then you could still ask your friends and family for help. Just make sure you offer them something in exchange. For example, if your brother is interested in filmmaking, then you might ask him to edit your videos in exchange for you asking your director friend to meet with him for coffee. If you have a friend who’s trying to get started as a travel vlogger, then you could invite them on your next trip in exchange for them helping you make travel arrangements.

2. Organizing your to-do list in a descending order of importance.

Having a to-do list can help you manage your time better. By writing out everything you need to get done, you can ensure that you won’t forget anything important. You might have separate to-do lists for each day as well as an overall list for the week.

To make your to-do list more effective, organize the tasks on it in a descending order of importance. Start with the most important tasks first. This might include scheduling your upload, reading a contract from an important sponsor, or making a final decision on your merch designs. Then, arrange the rest of your tasks from most to least important. So, something like cleaning out your spam folder or deleting old video footage from your hard drive would be at the bottom.

However, if you don’t finish your entire to-do list for the day, don’t start from where you left off the next morning. Instead, incorporate the tasks you have left into your new to-do list for the day. That way, you won’t be deleting old emails when you should be scheduling a meeting with a major brand that wants to work with you.

3. Establish working hours for yourself.

Balancing your workload also involves maintaining your work/life balance. If you’re working all the time, then you’ll be burnt out pretty quickly. However, if you don’t establish any order for your work routine, then you’ll be more likely to procrastinate.

Therefore, you should establish working hours for yourself. Determine a timeframe for being “on the job.” You might even create a weekly schedule for yourself similar to the work schedules people in more traditional jobs receive.

You don’t have to stick to the typical 9-5. You can base your working hours around the time of day you work the best or around your roommate’s or significant other’s work schedule. Just make sure that, once you set your hours, you do your best to stick to them so you can create a routine.

As a content creator, balancing your workload is important. Establish a routine, and don’t be afraid to seek help managing your responsibilities.

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