How To Capitalize On The Popularity Of Gaming Content (Even If You’re Not A Gamer)

Gaming content has been extremely popular on YouTube for years. This prominent niche even has its own dedicated section on the trending page. Many gaming creators have built extremely successful careers with Let’s Play videos, but you don’t have to consider yourself a gaming creator to cash in on this niche’s popularity.

Here’s how any creator can capitalize on the popularity of gaming content.

Join a gaming creator’s live stream.

With the growing popularity of live streaming, a lot of gaming creators have been going live to play video games with their friends. However, the invitations aren’t limited to other gaming creators. Beauty vloggers, musicians, and even celebrities have joined these live streams. For example, a wide variety of creators have joined Corpse Husband’s Among Us streams.

If you’re friends with a gaming creator, then you should ask them if you can join their next live stream. However, if you don’t have any gaming creators in your social circle, then you can still do a joint live stream with your friends. Invite a few other creators to go live and play a popular game with you.

Make a gaming-inspired tutorial.

You don’t even need to play a game to make a gaming related video. Instead of playing a popular game, you can create a tutorial inspired by it. For example, Rosanna Pansino makes a lot of pop culture-inspired baked goods. When Animal Crossing: New Horizons was at the height of its popularity, she used it as a theme for a birthday cake.

Similarly, you could create a DIY, makeup look, or recipe inspired by your favorite game. For example, you might dress like an Animal Crossing character for a day, or you might try to recreate a dish from Overcooked. Brainstorm ways to create a video inspired by a game within your own content niche.

Recreate a popular game in real life.

Thinking outside the box is a great way to get trending, and with gaming content, it’s no different. Rather than playing a game over a live stream, you could invite your creator friends to play a real-life version. For example, creators like Joey Graceffa have been creating real-life versions of Among Us.

Other popular “video games in real life” video concepts include the “I Lived Like My Sim For 24 Hours” challenge and Fortnite dance tutorials. However, to really grab your viewers’ attention, you should try to come up with something original. For example, maybe you’ll recreate Club Penguin in real life or live like your Minecraft character for a day.

You don’t have to consider yourself a gaming creator to try your hand at gaming content. Think outside the box and collab with your friends to attract gaming fans to your channel.

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