The 3 Best Audiences For Video Promotion

As a content creator, you want viewers. The best way to get viewers is to promote your YouTube videos to the right people. Most of these people are already in your own network.

Here are the three best audiences for your video promotion.

1. Everyone you know will connect you to the rest of the global population.

Promoting your YouTube videos is as easy as striking up a conversation. When your coworker asks what you did over the weekend, tell him or her about the last video you filmed. Describe your filming process to your parents the next time that they call. Get your siblings involved with the production process.

When you think you’ve run out of people to promote your videos to, check the contacts list on your cell phone. Send a text to any group chat you’re in. Check in with your old friends from high school and let them know what you’re up to. While you’re at it, be sure to ask everyone to tell their own friends about your videos, too!

A YouTube video becomes much more interesting to a viewer when he or she knows the content creator personally. Once you get a substantial viewership, you might even experience the “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” effect in which everyone who knows anyone who knows you will want to watch your videos so they can tell their friends how they “know” you!

This video explains the “six degrees of separation” that are said to connect everyone in the world, Kevin Bacon included.

2. Your social network influences the world at large.

There’s a reason why everyone knows the name Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook founder is one of the many people behind social media, which connects and influences the modern world. Add up your number of friends and followers to see just how wide your social media influence is. To promote your videos, post them across every social media platform that you’re on.

To make social media promotion even more effective, adjust the way you advertise your videos on each one. While direct links may be good for Facebook and Twitter, sites such as Instagram and Snapchat are better off with a short clip or screenshot.

Check out this video about how to promote your videos on social media.

3. Bloggers and other content creators can connect you to their own powerful networks.

Why should you limit your video promotion to your own network? Rather than relying only on the people that you’ve friended or followed, ask content creators who have larger followings to help promote your content. Blogger outreach is an effective tool for video promotion because bloggers reach people who may not even be watching YouTube videos otherwise.

Another way to promote your videos with the help of other content creators is to make collaboration videos. When you work together, you bring your audiences together. Make multiple videos so that you can upload a different video to every channel involved, and include all of the applicable links.

In this video, YouTube superstar Lilly Singh collaborated with two other high-profile content creators.

Successful YouTube video promotion begins with your own network. Promote your videos to everyone you know, your social network, and other content creators to get as many viewers as possible.

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