How To Receive Fan Feedback

The comments section of YouTube exists for a reason. Don’t be afraid of what lies in the feedback section of your channel. Approach it with an open mind, and remember that everything should be to better your channel.

This is how you should receive this fan feedback.

1. Don’t take it personally.

Regarding “negative” feedback, remember that no matter how the comment is phrased, you should receive it as constructive criticism. There are roughly four categories of YouTube comments: 1) compliments, 2) suggestions, 3) criticism, 4) hate.

Compliments are so helpful to a YouTuber because they are words of support and encouragement that will remind him or her that the channel’s content is well-received. Suggestions should be regarded and noted; they are also great sources of concept ideas for later videos.

Criticism and hate should not be taken personally. Constructive criticism is only positive, as it should help you improve the quality of your content. Only reading that certain parts of your videos need some work will remind you that you should always strive for better. In terms of hate, there are plenty of “Internet trolls” who go around YouTube leaving nasty comments on EVERYONE’S channel, so never feel down because of empty comments like that.

Only pay attention to the feedback that has meaning and content, and disregard the meaningless hate. You don’t have time for that.

In the following video, MirandaSings does a hilarious job of brushing aside mean comments. This is the best way to approach your comment section.

2. Respond.

You should definitely read the comments on your videos because, as mentioned previously, this is a great way for you to improve your channel. However, it’s one thing to read a suggestion and another to act on it. Fans love when YouTubers respond to their comments because it shows that he or she genuinely cares about the channel’s subscribers and really works hard to please these viewers. Responding to comments helps you hold onto your fans by interacting directly with them, and it also trains you to receive feedback well.

Responding to comments is a part of many successful YouTubers’ daily routine because they know how important it is to stay in touch with subscribers.

3. Apply it to all of your work.

Comments that criticize the quality of your uploads, such as the camera angle, the volume, or voiceover flubs, should definitely be noted. These subscribers serve as your second eyes, as they notice particular flaws and weakness in your videos that you’ve missed. This kind of feedback is only positive, as it helps you with future videos. You should definitely receive these comments positively and apply it to all of your future work.

For example, if your mic can’t quite catch your voice that easily, you should speak louder in your future videos. You probably wouldn’t be able to notice these details when you’re editing away in the night, but you can find helpful, constructive criticism in the comments section to guide your videos to better quality.

Edward Avila really tries to address the criticism of his makeup in his comments section, as some people say that his foundation is always too light on camera. So, he goes out of his way to mix darker colors into his foundation or buy new foundation altogether to “appease” these fans.

4. Review your videos with the eyes of the subscriber.

Once you know what your fans notice and like in your videos, you can further work on those aspects and heed those suggestions. If your camera angle was too low in your previous video, make sure that the next time you film, the camera is higher up.

Even as you edit, look with the eyes of the subscriber. Did you fix the issue that one person said about your camera angle? Did you add hourly updates like fans wanted to your foundation review video? Is the volume too low to hear with earphones?

You gain more experience as you upload and receive feedback, so the quality of your videos also improves. Remember that progress exists by fixing an issue. Your subscribers tell you the issue. You, as the content creator, are the one to address it.

Jenn Im dedicates a lot of time to perfecting her videos, and she always heeds feedback when it comes to concept ideas. Many of her subscribers like her outfit videos and the way she labels every piece of clothing, so she edits like this for all of her outfit videos.

Feedback is definitely a blessing for any content creator. You won’t know your strengths and weaknesses objectively without hearing from others. Take advantage of the comments section of your channel and actively make the improvements and changes your fans want.

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