How Raw Alignment Became A Successful Niche Channel

How many people do you know who are interested in following a raw vegan diet? Alyse Brautigam knows about 400,000, all of whom follow her niche YouTube channel Raw Alignment. She didn’t become a sensation overnight; rather, Alyse puts in continual work to grow her channel.

Here’s how Raw Alignment became a successful niche channel.

1. Create content that you’re passionate about.

Alyse Brautigam is passionate about spreading awareness concerning the raw vegan lifestyle, and Raw Alignment is her way of sharing this passion with the world. Alyse’s videos are a great resource for anyone who is interested in her lifestyle.

Like Raw Alignment, a niche channel can only become successful if its creator is passionate about the subject. If you don’t care about what you’re talking about, then your viewers won’t either. Alyse’s enthusiasm is what draws her viewers in, and her encouraging attitude turns them into subscribers.

This video about Alyse’s health journey will give you a deeper understanding of why she’s so passionate about the raw vegan lifestyle.

2. Post a variety of videos, and post often.

Since first joining YouTube in 2014, Alyse has uploaded more than a hundred videos. Rarely does more than a week go between her uploads, and subscribers never know quite what to expect next. The Raw Alignment header describes Alyse’s content best, listing compassion, empowerment, veganism, and fitness as her main topics.

You should make a variety of videos that fall under your niche topic. For example, Raw Alignment has videos on everything from aerial yoga to removing dreadlocks.

Check out this unique video, in which Alyse gives tips for success to anyone interested in van life.

3. Write an ebook related to your channel’s mission.

On the Raw Alignment website, fans can download a free ebook that Aylse wrote about self-love. Jumpstart to Your Future Self relates to Raw Alignment’s message of health and happiness.

By publishing an ebook, Alyse gave her subscribers another reason to believe in her channel’s mission. Additionally, she can use the book as a way to introduce other potential viewers to her channel.

This inspirational video is similar to the content of the ebook.

4. Stay connected to subscribers with an email list.

When visitors to the Raw Alignment website download Alyse’s ebook, they’re also registered for the email list. Alyse uses the email list as a way to connect with her subscribers on a more personal level, sharing sweet messages and life updates. She also links her latest videos and makes sure her fans are the first to know about her upcoming events.

This video is similar to what Alyse writes in her emails.

5. Host or attend events related to your video content.

Because she’s all about healthy eating, one of Aylse’s favorite things to do is attend fruit festivals. She posts videos to let her subscribers know which fruit festivals and similar events she’ll be attending next. Recently, she even did a giveaway with a ticket to her favorite fruit festival in Hawaii.

Alyse is currently planning the first official Raw Alignment meet n’ greet, which will be held in August.

Raw Alignment is already a highly successful niche channel, and its popularity will only grow. Follow in Alyse Brautigam’s footsteps to grow a successful niche channel of your own.

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