How This Woman Gained 2.5 Million Subscribers in 6 Months

Former BuzzFeed employee Safiya Nygaard has been posting YouTube videos for about six months. She already has more than 2.5 million subscribers, and her videos are often featured on YouTube’s trending page.

Here’s how Saf gained so many subscribers so quickly.

1. She built her channel by trying trending products.

Before she was a YouTuber, Saf worked in BuzzFeed’s video department. Much of BuzzFeed’s content focuses on popular beauty products and social media trends. Saf adopted this same strategy into her content early on. Because her videos were so relevant for the moment, they got trending really quickly.

2. She brought a lot of attention to her channel by sharing a unique story in a viral video.

The video that really put Saf’s name on the map was “Why I Left BuzzFeed.” She shared the story behind her transition from BuzzFeed employee to full-time YouTuber. Because the video shined a different light on a popular media company, it got more than nine million views.

3. She creates more of kind of videos that her viewers enjoy the most.

One of Saf’s most popular video series involves buying the first few things that social media ads recommend to her. She started this trend in the beauty vlogging community. She started with Facebook ads and has since made videos about other social media and apps.

Safiya Nygaard built up a huge following in just a few months because she creates the kind of videos that trend. By creating content based on social media trends, you, too, can grow a larger audience.

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