How This Vlogger Gets A Million Views On Every Video

Philip DeFranco is the face of The Philip DeFranco Show, YouTube’s go-to place for news. Philip has more than 5.6 million subscribers, with each video boasting around a million views.

Here’s how Philip DeFranco built up his huge YouTube audience.

1. He popularized a unique video format.

Not many vloggers can get away with ten to twenty-minute videos. However, the format of Philip’s videos lends well to their length. He compiles a list of news stories to address each day and offers an explanation as well as his opinion for each and every one.

2. He addresses issues that many major news outlets brush over.

Philip’s news show fills a niche that a lot of viewers can’t get from the mainstream media. His show addresses a lot of news that focuses on YouTube itself. Viewers who are specifically interested in internet news can find what they’re looking for on Philip’s channel.

3. He encourages viewer discussion.

The main difference between The Philip DeFranco Show and other news shows is that Philip’s show encourages viewer discussion. Because of its online format, viewers are able to comment their opinions, and Philip can respond. He dedicates every Friday to a community show, in which he addresses his favorite comments of the week and opens up the floor for discussion.

Philip DeFranco gets about a million views on every video because his content fills a niche that many viewers can’t find already on YouTube or in mainstream media.

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